Shawn Klush Using LED Screens At His Recent Concert

Shawn Klush Concert Was a Great Success Thanks To LED Screens


Shawn Lush’s last concert was a massive success, thanks to LED Display screens from Visual Impact Productions. My friend and I attended the event and for sure, it was an event to boot. I can still remember the attractive and colorful screens and the clear images of Shawn Lush on them as he jumped from one corner of the stage to another while performing. The screens were large and very clear, even those who were seated at the back could easily see everything that was going on at the stage and I doubt if anyone went home without having enjoyed his or her time at the concert. Visual Impact Productions did a very impressive job and I would readily recommend them to anyone who needs an LED display screen at his or her event.

Major Success With LED Screens Provided By Visual Impact

Use of LED display at events is increasingly becoming popular. Most artists, corporate institutions, and organizers of public events are now hiring LED display screen service providers such as Visual Impact Productions to spice up their functions with the colorful display works.
In Shawn Lush’s concert, Visual Impact Productions placed a major LED screen on the stage and then placed two mobile led screens on the sides to help display the events at the stage to those seated far from the stage. Apart from the two mobile screens, there were also other smaller screens placed here and there but this were really not necessary as people could see the contents of each mobile LED screen clearly regardless of where you sat. My friend and I arrived late and we were forced to be at the entire time as all the spaces in front had been occupied. During the entire time we were there, the Visual Impact Productions crew moved around with powerful cameras to capture the going ons at the event. They had a desk at the back of the stage from which they broadcasted the event on the LED screens. I’m made to understand that they have a full video production of the event and so the event can be watched by anyone who was not lucky enough to be in attendance.

Another thing which I got to see while at the concert was the stream of adverts which kept flowing at the bottom of the LED screens as Shawn performed. There were even times when the whole screen was dedicated to an advert. I realised that the adverts were from people who had paid to have their business or events advertised at the concert. Advertising on LED screens at concerts is indeed a wonderful idea. You get to reach the large number of people who throng concerts as well as reach a specific kind of audience. If you for example have a music event coming up or you are a company selling home theaters or music speakers, it is beneficial to advertise at a music concert because you will directly reach an audience which is interested in such things. The cost of advertising at concerts is also cheaper compared to that of advertising on other media such as TV and print media.

Use of LED display screen is indeed a wonderful way of improving your concert. The colorful display on the jumbotron is impressive to fans and adds to their enjoyment of your concert.

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